Dominica Wasilewska Fisher

I am a photographer living in Chicago.  I am also a mama, wife, instructor, and artist.  I consider myself a young soul, fascinated by almost everything. This is how I found photography, I wanted to know how our camera worked so I took a class. Three years later, I use it to make art again. I believe images have the power to inspire, bring joy, call to action, take you back, or take you inward and make you think.

Who was I before photography?

I grew up in a house of Polish women.  My mom, aunt, and babcia raised me, and as a first generation daughter of a cleaning lady, I saw many different worlds which helped me develop an observant eye on human behavior in different social situations.  

In my twenties, I found the theatre. I spent my time on stage connecting with people. Those days taught me about the importance of story and the effect art can have on us humans. When I became a mama, I realized I was not able to juggle the nighttime commitments and my family. Photography has driven my passion to create again. My background in theatre helps me to capture and design the fine balance between storytelling and art.   

Why Lion and the Fish?  My maiden name, Wasilewska contains the polish word for lion - lew. As a child, I loved that I had a little lion inside that no-one knew about.  When I married, I took on my husband's last name - Fisher and have since been swimming through life with a graceful ferocity.

Contact me if you're interested in diving into a project together :)