Photo 3

Join me at Chicago Photography Classes for the on-going seven week course that challenges students to apply their photographic skills to a creative project for the duration of the class. Students pick a theme or subject that will be the basis of the their assignments. Assignments for lab work will involve refining the photograph that will be printed and presented for a round-table analysis, review, and critique in class. Not merely "what you like and don't like", but more attention will be given to photographic thinking, "what could be done differently in capture of the image to improve it?" and -- what tools can be applied as a part of post processing to ensure that your showing the best print of your photograph?

The class will also introduce Photoshop routines that are commonly used by digital photographers, as well as different lenses and other camera accessories that expand creative potential.

The goal is to continue your development as a photographer with special emphasis on your creative and critical eye.  

Prerequisite - A strong understanding of  how aperture, shutter speed and ISO are manipulated to achieve the correct exposure using your camera's TTL metering as well as Adobe's Lightroom program.  A good understanding of histograms, grey cards, color temperature, white balance, and light meters.  If you are new to Chicago Photography Classes, call 872-529-2272 to see if Photo 3 is the right class for you.  

Steal Like an Artist

Inspired by Austin Kleon’s book, ‘Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative’. Kleon writes that nothing is original and all artists’ steal...“The wonderful flaw about human beings is that we’re incapable of making perfect copies.  Our failure to copy our heroes is where we discover where our own thing lives.  That is how we evolve.” (Note: Kleon has not endorsed this class.)

As students of photography, in this class we try to imitate the photographers at the top of our field, past and present, to give us tools to go forth and find our own voices in this art with the knowledge we retain from their style and wisdom. (Check out ‘The Photographer’s Playbook’ for a wonderful collection of current photographers working now)

The group decides the group’s structure and the direction of exploration.  Each month’s presentation will use electronic means; no printing is required.  Members will be encouraged to study the selected artists, actively participate in both researching and discussing the selected artists style and artistic philosophy and present their individual interpretation of the selected artist’s methods incorporated into their own style.

This is an opportunity to continue photographic development in both technical ability and artistic content.

Next Meet-up

July 5th, 2018 7pm

Resin Covered Photo Workshop

In this one-day (approx. 6 hours) workshop you have the option to make a 16x20, 18x18 or three 6x6 pieces with your own photograph(s). Together we will print your photo to the correct dimensions, cut and mount onto a 1.5-inch thick natural wood canvas. You can choose to leave your canvas the beautiful natural wood or paint it white or black depending on what type of border you’d like surrounding your work of art. We will then mix the resin application, pour, and spread onto the photo.  We will finish by torching your pieces to eliminate any bubbles. Your work will be ready to pick up in 24hours when the resin has hardened. You will walk away with the knowledge on how to create a resin coated photo and your elegant work of art.  All materials are included, just come with your edited photograph(s) ready for printing.

Next workshop

Check back for next workshop, in the works for Late February or March 2018.